Civil Contractors New Zealand


Civil Contractors New Zealand's structure gives members the opportunity to have their views heard and their interests represented at both local and national l­evels. At the local level, all members belong to one or more of CCNZ's 14 branches. At the national level, all members can attend the annual conference and all branches are represented on CCNZ's General Council which meets annually.

Executive Council

The Executive Council, is CCNZ's ten-member governing body, elected annually by members at the Annual Conference. The Council comprises of the President, the Vice President and seven Executive Councillors.

The Executive Council governs CCNZ during the year, carrying out policies agreed at the annual conference. It appoints the Chief Executive to manage CCNZ affairs and reports each year to the Annual Conference

General Council

A national advisory body comprising the Executive Council and a representative of each branch (usually the chairperson and or secretary) and the national office team. General Council meets annually.


The 14 branches show that we have an active network across NZ. 

Branches can put forward remits to the annual conference and nominate candidates for election.

Each branch is run by a committee elected by members at the branch annual general meeting. Branches meet regularly throughout the year and a part-time secretary administers branch affairs. Each branch handles local problems and they refer broader issues and risks to the national office.

National Office

CCNZ's national office in Wellington is managed by the CCNZ chief executive and a team of seven. The national office is responsible for managing CCNZ affairs and implementing policies set at the annual conference and by the Executive Council.

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